Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Government to blame for Tent City 3's bad image


Executive Committee Member E Johnson says Tent City 3 has in herited a negative image based on stereotypes of homeless individuals. Encampment residents have done little to warrant the fear that erupts during Tent City moves.

"Nobody wants to be here, per se. There's a certain percentage that actually is probably better than what they had previously."

Freeberg says fights are the most common problems at Tent City 3.

"We've had fights. Cops get called. We don't tolerate that. And if they don't leave, we call the cops and they show up. Had one person die here last year. He was on a lot of medication and we think he may have overdosed."

SHARE/WHEEL formed an agreement with the City of Seattle to operate all tent cities as a sobriety zone. Tent City 3 is also mandated by the city to stay substance free.

Freeberg says internal problems are dealt with by the residents.

"We manage it ourselves, so if we gotta complain to anybody, we gotta look in the mirror."

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